As of April 1st, I am no longer mailing out physical flower essence blend bottles.

As I have been growing and changing within my spiritual and healing abilities, it is time to reflect that within Grateful Heart.  New offerings, that reflect my greater abilities will be available soon.

Instead of physical bottles, I energetically send all of my custom and premade blends for a 3 week period.  During that 3 week period, if your need for you custom blend stops, I will intuitively select another blend for you.  I will stop all energy at the 3 week mark. Because I no longer need to pay for postage or materials, I am able to offer this healing energy  at a reduced price.  (kind of like distance reiki, but with a continuous sending flowery twist)

Receive the healing energy of a custom blend for 3 weeks for $45.

This is my distance healing option.

I absolutely adore making custom flower blends.  This is where my heart sings, my intellect whirs and my intuition soars.  There is something special about connecting with a client.  I am honored that I am let in and allowed to encourage an energy shift. Whether I am given a list of goals, or asked to pick on a purely intuitive level, I am able to connect intuitively and select the perfect flowers to help move the individual towards a greater place of health. I offer a variety of custom blend options.  Look below and see what matches your needs the most.

Single Custom Flower Essence Blend ~ $45 for a single blend, an opportunity to help your body shift towards greater health and happiness I have made blends for men, women and very frequently, for children.  A flower essence blend is a gentle and wonderful way to help your body shift to a healthier place.  You can focus on anything you want – physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, goal attainment, habit breaking- flower essences have unlimited ways of helping.  You can chose to have me pick the flower essences purely intuitively, or let me know your goals and hopes.  I am happy to do either.  If during your 3 week period, you have finished your need for your blend, I will intuitively select another blend for you and continue my energy share until the end of 3 weeks.

$45 for 3 weeks of distance sending of a healing custom blend.Add to Cart


Dyad Custom Flower Essence Blends – $60  two separate blends that focus on the relationship of two people –  the power of two is greater than one.  We all are in relationships, some might be flowing beautifully, while others are more slowly moving along trying to find their rhythm and connection.  How did I come up with this idea? One day I realized that when I was making blends for my family, sometimes the blends followed a similar pattern.  A blend for impatience, fear and explosive anger for my son, and then I intuited a blend for impatience, exhaustion over care-taking, compassion, and problem solving for me.  I found that when we both worked together through using our own blends, life smoothed out my quickly, our relationship deepened and more lightness was felt.  It is entirely possible to work on a relationship with one flower essence blend, but it is so much nicer to do it together.  A custom dyad blend is also lovely for a steady, positive relationship.  It can be a way to feel a little closer or a little happier, or even help the happy love sparks fly a little stronger. ; ) Add to Cart

$60 for 3 weeks of both custom blends sent energetically.

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2 Month Ultra Support Package:   $650 weekly reiki for 2 months  first session 90 minutes, 7 sessions 60 minutes 3   20 minute sessions scheduled at your request 3 custom flower essence blends or a series of virtual blends as needed There are times in our lives when extra support is essential for growth, success and Ease.  This Ultra Support Package is for those looking for a helping hand to allow a transformation to happen while remaining in a state of comfort and knowing it will be well. This package is fantastic for: pregnant or new moms business support starting a new venture, such as a new job, relocating, or creating a new family young adult going off to college, or starting a new adventure on his or her own This is for someone feeling stuck, but who is ready to move forward Or,  for someone ready to dive into the next life project but is not sure how. Wondering if this would be a good match for your or someone you love? Want to do this, but need a payment plan? contact me and we can talk. Ready for extra support? Ready for the next step in  your life? Add to Cart