A daily request to the Universe


Celebrating receiving an Iphone – a recent request.

I’ve begun a practice of making a request to the Universe in my early morning hours.  It is part of my morning ritual along with my pot of tea, and my mantra (With arms and heart wide open, I greet the day, knowing that everything is always working out for me.)  This space has become sacred to me, a beautiful way to greet the day, and a gentle way to re-enter the sometimes jarring world of mommyland.

The value of a morning ritual was inspired by  Hannah Marcotti.  The idea of dreaming and asking, asking, asking came both from Hannah and an Abraham Hicks video which is linked below.

For me, the request within the ritual has become magic. 

As you request, you lay the groundwork for your dreams to happen.  The Universe is always listening and honoring our desires.  Maybe we won’t understand how our wishes will work out, or how we may be slowing down the timing of the request, but I believe our dreams are always being created into reality, if we provide fertile ground.  I believe that everything is always working out for me.

My morning requests have been a fascinating experience of hope and joy, but also discomfort.  I’m not used to it.  I’m not used to opening up to  asking and expecting to receive in such a regular manner.  Maybe it’s the piece of me who doesn’t believe I deserve good things.  Maybe it’s the piece of me who is afraid of being judged for daring to ask.  Maybe it is the shadow of me who years ago shut down asking for any dream as a way to survive.  I’m certainly not used to asking daily on a public forum.  I try not to edit my requests (although I have left out the more intimate ones) and I try not to worry that others might think my requests are too small or too big, or too frivolous, or too silly.

This must be part of the process, honoring that nothing is too small or too grand.  If it comes from the heart, nothing I ask for is silly or small.

One of the reasons I started this project is because dreaming big can be challenging for me.  When dreaming big, I often draw a blank, feel disconnected and unsure and uninspired. As I move through this awareness that requests are good, I believe that little by little, I will see my value and will deeply understand I deserve big dreams. I wish to honor that dreaming big is beautiful, and honorable and possible and pleasurable.

I wish for others to see that it is possible to ask.  I wish for others to join me in sharing their dreams.  I wish for others to find the joy and pleasure in this experience.  I wish for our combined love, gratitude, joy and energy to quickly lay fertile manifesting ground.

I wish for you to join me in my project.  I post my desire to the Universe every morning on my Grateful Heart Facebook page.  I request that you take a moment to state your own wish, and share it.  I firmly believe that as we stand together in knowing that dreams will happen, we will all deeply understand that dreaming big and small is honorable.


This is the Abraham Hicks video that inspired this project.  Please check it out.  If you are unfamiliar with Abraham Hicks, try not to be put off by the lingo, or some of their unique definitions, rather listen to the  message of the video.  It is so very beautiful – full of gentleness, love and hope.



Love and Light,


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